Health and Nutrition

Planting Hope operates several programs related to health and nutrition. Both our Coffee Camps and “Thin Months” Alternative Economic Activity Project help provide services for those who have limited access to health services and adequate nutrition.

The coffee harvest season, which typically lasts 3-4 months, gives many rural Nicaraguans— men, women and youth alike—an opportunity to work during school vacations and earn money for their household, family and their school-related necessities.

The income generated during coffee-harvesting needs to last for the remainder of the year until the next harvesting season arrives. These “thin months” are typically occupied in other income-generating activities; in some cases, to growing their own food to last the entire year. The many variables in this food-to-mouth model, compounded with lack of skills, create a huge disadvantage primarily for the coffee-related farming population, which typically has not had much access to formal education.

Planting Hope found, many farmers, young adults and mothers, would enormously benefit from a new skill, especially a job-related skill that could be done at home and then put to income-generating use during the rest of the year.