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Here are some examples of how far your donation to Planting Hope will go.  Our budget emphasizes paying our amazing staff in Nicaragua fair wages to make our programs possible.  Donations in any amount are greatly appreciated and go toward our organization’s diverse array of beneficial programs and services:

$500 – Scholarship for 2 high school students (one year)
$300 – Planting Hope Nicaraguan Director Salary (one month)
$250 – Mobile Library Bus Driver Salary (one month)
$200 – Mobile Library Coordinator Salary (one month)
$100 – Staff training for 11 PH Staff and 18 scholarship students
$50 – Rural pre-school teacher’s salary (one month)
$40  – Pays an “incidentals” stipend for a visiting Nicaraguan for one week                                         $25 – Pays a high school scholarship (one month)
$10 – One text book for La Chipsa Library or Mobile Library for Peace

$15 – Recurring monthly donation- Pays a high school scholarship/mobile library trainee for one year.

To Donate via Check, please mail your check to Planting Hope, PO Box 56, Montpelier, VT 05601

Your donation is tax-deductible.