Internships in Nicaragua & Vermont

Gap Years, Internships and Long Term Volunteer Opportunities in Nicaragua and Vermont *

*Given the current political and civil unrest in Nicaragua, Planting Hope is not planning any internships for 2018/2019.  We hope to be able to resume internships in the future. 

In Nicaragua

internship 1992

Planting Hope founder, Beth Merrill, circa 1992 during her internship teaching first grade in Matagalpa, Nicaragua

Looking for hands-on experience working internationally with an educational non-profit organization?  Want to be completely immersed in Spanish language and Central American culture?  Planting Hope may be your answer! Whether you are a worldly traveler or someone just seeking new opportunities, immersed in another culture, an internship or work experience abroad is an exciting way to learn more about the world, while learning more about yourself. Planting Hope always has a need for volunteers to help enhance our projects.  We offer many opportunities for internships and long-term volunteer opportunities both in Vermont and Nicaragua. In Vermont Planting Hope has a variety of internship opportunities to engage you in a wide-range of activities in the field of education, grant-writing, cultural exchange, social activism, communications, management, bilingual communcation, web-design and event planning.  Please contact Beth Merrill, our executive director at or locally at (802) 778-0344 to inquire about how Planting Hope´s needs and your skills might intertwine.

Benefits of an International Internship

Julia Gilbert, Gap Year Intern in Nicaragua with Planting Hope

  • Bridges a study abroad experience with a work experience.
  • Opportunity to learn a new language.
  • Make contacts for future travel or employment.
  • Work with a local team of Nicaraguans
  • Gain an understanding of other cultures and environments.
  • Live with a Nicaraguan host family.
  • Learn about the realities of living and working in Latin America
  • Use your skills to contribute to real world educational and social projects

Internships with Planting Hope vary in scope and duration and we are happy to help tailor an internship that prospective schools and employers are sure to find intriguing and valuable.  Depending on your skills and time-frame, Planting Hope offers two weeks, two months or even longer volunteer experiences. Planting Hope´s internship and home-stay fees vary depending on the length of your stay.  In general, you should plan on $1,400 for the first month and around $950 for additional months.  These fees cover your in-country transportation, orientation and guidance from our on-site internship coordinators as well as pre-trip planning.  All meals and lodging with homestay families is included in the fee. Please Contact Us for more information or fill out an email it to us at  To Download the application as a PDF file click here: Long-Term_Volunteer_Registration_Homestay_Questionnaire

Volunteers use creative and dynamic methods to teach English to young students.

Volunteers use creative and dynamic methods to teach English to young students.

To read our terms and conditions, please click here: Costs, Terms & Conditions for long term volunteers