Juanita’s Lucha against breast cancer

Juana and her son Christopher at their home in San Ramon.

Juana and her son Christopher at their home in San Ramon.

One of Planting Hope’s host family’s since 2005, Juanita Rubi Guerrero Arista, 38, has been fighting breast cancer since early in 2015. Planting Hope has started a special discretionary fund to help her cover her treatment in Managua, currently the only place in Nicaragua where treatment is available.   Funds will also help her family, especially for her son, Christopher, 8,  as well as helping Juanita to start a small business to help other cancer patients in Nicaragua to access cancer-care products.

To donate to this fund via PayPal, please click here.

To donate via a check, please mail a check toPlanting Hope, PO Box 56, Montpelier, VT 05601   Please write JUANITA on the memo line.  Please make sure to include your contact info, so we can acknowledge your donation. *

Your donations to help cover Juanita’s expenses are tax-deductible.

Juanita is in need of funds to help her with constant travel to Managua to continue her treatment and follow-up there, as well as to cover additional tests not covered at the public hospital.  She is also grateful for help buying quality and healthy food, fruits and vegetables, which is a regimen she has taken very seriously throughout the last 14 months since her diagnosis.   Juanita, Mercedes, Ceres and Beth have also come up with a list of things that would be helpful for Juanita to have through her recovery, as much for her physical health as for her emotional and social well-being.   We plan to purchase these products in the US or Nicaragua, used or new, with donated funds, if enough are collected.  Or you have any of these items are donated, we can send them to her with friends traveling to Nicaragua.  These items include:

  • Turkey Tail Immune System Supplements
  • Stevia to help her avoid sugar (no small feat in Nicaragua)
  • Breast Prostheses and post-surgery bras
  • Head-scarves (for herself or to offer to other patients who admire them when she meets them during treatments in Managua)
  • Fabric with which to make head-scarves
  • A digital camera (used is fine) to share her post-surgery/chemo products with other cancer patients in Nicaragua
  • A basic laptop (used is fine) for Skyping and keeping in touch with her supporters in the US as well as with other cancer patients in Nicaragua
  • Internet at her home to stay in touch and stay connected with her friends and other patients

To donate to Juanita’s wish list, please contact Beth@plantinghope.org   Donated goods received in Vermont by April 15 can be sent to Juanita via a group traveling to Nicaragua.

* Planting Hope will use 3% of your donation to pay for our expenses in transferring and delivering the money to Juanita.  If you pay with a credit card, Paypal charges us an additional 3%.