Learn Spanish Online now!

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Learn Spanish Online now!

If you’ve always said you wanted to learn Spanish, but can never find the time, perhaps this is the moment you’ve been waiting for! Since 2019, Planting Hope teacher and language lover, Milton Armas has been teaching students Spanish online from Nicaragua. Milton has a knack for languages and even speaks some English to help you find that word you’re looking for. He also enjoys getting to know people and helping them express themselves.

Here are some testimonials from Vermont students and parents who have taken classes with Milton this year.

Main St. Middle School student Jay Borland recounts: “Learning from Milton recently has been a wonderful experience for me. The class has been teaching me how to speak Spanish conversationally in a way that is both more interesting and much more effective than learning from a normal class in school, and Milton can also change aspects of the class based on what works well for me. This has been especially important because my Spanish class through school has been very limited during the pandemic, so most of my learning has been through my classes with Milton.”

Parent Kathleen Bryant affirms, “Lessons with Milton have been a great way for my daughter to practice conversational Spanish is a low-stress, relaxed setting.  Its kept her engaged with language learning during an unusual school year.”

MHS Sophomore Molly Hutton explains, “Milton’s Spanish class has been a great way to keep up my Spanish throughout the year. The fun classes and conversation have helped me learn new and exciting things about Spanish and Latin American culture. The way Milton accommodates all different types of learners is greatly appreciated. My experience being in his class has been a great way for me to step out of my comfort zone and talk in Spanish for a whole hour!”

Our classes are “pay what you can” and help enable Planting Hope to continue to pay Milton and our other staff in Nicaragua. Milton is currently helping both adults, as well as middle and high school students to practice their Spanish during this school year and summer vacation. For more information about available times, please contact Milton Armas at miltonarmas68@gmail.com or Beth@plantinghope.org. Milton currently has openings during the day on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Adults are also welcome!

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If Milton’s schedule doesn’t fit yours, Nereyda returned from Costa Rica last year at the start of the pandemic and she is now working as a tutor in Nicaragua. She also has a love of languages and has been helping foreigners learn English since she was 6 years old! She’d love to meet you and find a time to teach an online Spanish conversation class with you. Email Beth@plantinghope.org for more information!